Amber Brown

Welcome to the Brown Crown! This business is a brown owned brand that was constructed by partners, Amber Brown and Cedric Brown Jr. The Brown Crown was created with the love and inspiration for art and life hence the motto "Art Inspired, Brown Influenced, Crown Appeal". 

This brand offers elevated art and apparel, by artist and designer, Amber Brown. Her experience comes with over 15 years of personal practice and technical training. Amber completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees with a focus in the arts. She has since broken out and brought her love for creativity to life through her personal work.

With graduate instruction in art therapy and counseling, Amber brings a balance of light and dark themes into the creation of her art. The subject of some work might be light and airy, while others may be more intense and emotive. This brand hopes to offer a variety of work that resonates a variety of viewers. From the artist's hand to your home, we hope you enjoy the work you see and become part of the Brown Crown family.


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